What Is Coaching?

Coaching is quite simply a conversation between client and coach. It is an open conversation which remains completely confidential and non-judgemental. It allows you to explore, discuss and really unbox your life experiences, gradually formulating a path to your goal.

You, the client, are able to process your own thoughts, the challenges those thoughts bring and intensely examine all the potential outcomes that could come from each path - finally choosing one that will work for you.

As a coach, I am not there to give advice. I am there to facilitate the space, we will probe these thoughts, question them, with you ultimately discovering the answer yourself. Through exploratory questioning you will leave the session feeling more self-aware and able to sit with the content that manifests.

As the coach, I am there to challenge the current thought process and beliefs that you hold. However, when exploration begins, it is my responsibility to support you as you embark on your journey.

Why Should You Choose Coaching With Me?

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Through my coaching practice, I provide a space that is free from judgement. Everything that you bring into the space is yours to own, talk through and explore, without the judgement of others.

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Not Therapy

I am not a therapist. I am a coach. I help you to look forward to the goals that you have. Occasionally, past experiences may come up during a session, however most of what we will converse about will be what is ahead of you.

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Everything that we speak about is confidential. Coaching is under the mental health & wellbeing umbrella, therefore you need to know that what comes up in a session, stays there. Unless you specifically mention that you wish to explore something out of the session, then this is where it will stay. It's your decision.

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Goal Setting

At the beginning of our journey together, we will set a goal. Something to work towards - and this can be anything. However, don't worry, if you haven't got an overall goal, at the beginning of each session, you can set a mini goal, something to work on that session, you never know what may come out of it...

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My technique of coaching is through questioning which will invite conversation throughout our sessions. We will discover what it is that surrounds the goal or issue that you are bringing to the session.

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Working Together

We work together. This is a journey that you are taking with the most important person - yourself! I am there to help facilitate that space, and hold you in it. We walk together, but you are leading the way.


Exploring My 'Why?'...

I started coaching with Dom to understand and address those stories and beliefs that were holding me back so that I could create the mindset I desired to help me achieve my goals.

Throughout our journey, Dom has been supportive, open, challenged my self-limiting beliefs and ensured that our conversations are purposeful.

Most importantly for me, I knew that I could trust Dom and therefore could bring anything to the table with the belief that I won't be judged and Dom will help me work things out.

Every coaching session with Dom has come with its own revelation which has brought me closer to my desired goal. In particular, I would like to thank Dom for helping me explore my why? That indeed was one of the most powerful sessions for me. It helped me go really deep and find my reason for being.

It's been an absolute pleasure working with you Dom. Thank you for helping me discover a bit more of me!!


Goal Setting and Next Steps...

Dom has an incredible energy about him. He is an empathetic listener who genuinely knows how I discovered the need to help set goals, achieve them and celebrate. Since taking coaching sessions with Dom, I have released a podcast, became an accredited coach myself, meeting new people, contacting old friends.

It has also helped me strengthen relationships with my family. I became really impressed with his passion for giving back and ability to commit to this. Not only was he working with myself, but he also provides bereavement support for Cruse.

I have gained a lot more than I expected from Dom's style of life coaching. I would highly recommend hiring Dom as your life coach.


Enlightening, Supportive, Creative...

It was so amazing to get the opportunity to work with Dominic. The coaching sessions were really enlightening, supportive, creative and productive.

I have gained some really useful skills and techniques which have helped me achieve my goals and I believe I will use for a long time into the future. Thank you!


Finding Self Love...

I started working with Dom because I had too many doubts about myself and my future. From the very first session with him, I felt I had found a sacred space where to make sense of my thoughts and my feelings.

During several months, he's given light to my journey and helped me to discover where I want to go, overcoming the fears and negative thoughts that were blocking me. Thanks to his calming and non-judgemental style I've been able to open up about key aspects of my life, learning about myself, gaining self-love, and finding my new path.

I am beyond grateful for his work during every session we've had together. I know if it hadn't been for him I wouldn't have been able to move forward in such an important moment of my life. I would highly recommend working with Dom, he's a wonderful life coach.


Confidence and Career Moves...

I was introduced to Dominic when I was going through a difficult time and needed to make a big decision. From the very first session he made me feel at ease, which instantly meant I felt comfortable discussing lots of different aspects of my life.

He asked questions that nobody had asked me before which really helped me to think about things differently, learn more about myself, work through the challenges that were holding me back and get the clarity that I was looking for to make a big life decision.

His style is extremely calming and he was very clear about the process and let me take the lead. I got so much out of the sessions and am extremely grateful to him for his help. I would highly recommend him and he's a fantastic coach.


Personal Achievements...

After just one session with Dominic I was able to unblock a problem which I had been stuck on for many years. Really amazing session and I am so excited to be progressing in areas of life that I have always struggled with.

I would highly recommend working with Dominic if you want to overcome a blockage which is holding you back or move towards achieving your goals.


Free Discovery Call

  • 1/2 an hour call
  • Discussing your goal or want
  • Learn what coaching is and about my specific approach
  • Discuss your tailored coaching sessions
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Coaching Package

  • 8 x 1 hour coaching sessions
  • Personalised plan just for you and your coaching journey
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  • Discovery Targets to be set at end of each session
  • 15 minute check-ins at the end of each week
  • Free catch-up session a month after you reach your goal

One-Off Coaching Session

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