What Have You Sacrificed Today?
What Have You Sacrificed Today?

Was there a point in your day where you said 'oh I can't do that now, because I've run out of time' or 'I'll do that later if I get a chance', and never got round to it?

These are instances of us making little sacrifices across the day. And we are all guilty of it.

However if we don't hold these small sacrifices to account, they soon become big sacrifices, and before you know it you're doing more for everything and everyone else, and doing nothing for yourself.

'But I have a demanding job', 'I have a family I need to provide for', 'I can't just think of myself' - the usual responses you're probably thinking and you are right. To a degree.

I know what it's like. I used to have 199 plates spinning and have no clue what was on any of them. And I thought I was the dogs bollocks. But it got too much, and gradually each plate started to fall, until I had broken crockery surrounding me. I kept making sacrifices until there was nothing left to sacrifice. There was nothing left at all.

Imagine, if you took a minute to think & put yourself first. Going to make a coffee and not taking your phone, appreciating the actual smell of the coffee. Listening to your favourite 3 minute 30 song and picking up on something you've never heard before. Stepping away to clear your head and noticing something in your surroundings you'd wouldn't have seen. Simply just writing down a phrase that makes you happy to re-read. These are all simple, and small ways of repaying yourself after the sacrifice you just made.

And you know what? It helps. It helps you to be better at your job, it helps you have more patience dealing with the multiple errands you need to do for the family. It helps you to think about yourself.

Ok, you may not get round to doing the original thing you sacrificed in the beginning, but you'll do it when you have more time, it will become the repayment.

Fighting for yourself helps you to fight for everyone & everything else. It doesn't mean you're doing a worse job, it means you're doing a better one. You're more focussed on yourself, thus more focussed on the the things that are important to you.

The kettle's just boiled...