The Journey To Your Goals Starts With One, Single, Small Step
The Journey To Your Goals Starts With One, Single, Small Step

I've struggled a bit with this question in the past.

Sometimes you'll have no steps, and you constantly ask yourself what that step is and how long will it take to get to that end point. Sometimes there are way too many "first steps" and it all just becomes a bit overwhelming.

Other times you feel you have to get to that goal in the quickest way possible otherwise what's the point in starting at all?

I used to be (and sometimes still am) some of these above statements. But I have learnt that you have to count the small steps, to get you to that goal. It will all start somewhere.

So, im going to give you a first-hand example. I'm a pole dancer, I do it for fitness and I love it. I've started to do choreography as part of my pole journey. The goal is to do a performance, from start to finish.

Now, as good as I am at pole dancing, there is no way in hell that I can walk into a studio & whip out a 3 minute dance to something right away. So I break it down into steps. Now this is purely what feels right FOR ME.

The 1st small, single step sounds so basic but actually is SUPER important in my eyes.

The 1st step is what kind of story do I want to tell with this dance? Once I've worked that out, I can move onto the music, what kind of moves I want to include, where I want to be when I hit this part of the song etc.

But without that first thought of 'what is the story?', it becomes impossible for me to move forward & do anything.

Now the reason why I have put it in capitals, is because you have to be aligned with that 1st step. You have to do what is comfortable for you, because if you don't, that journey is going to be so much harder. You already have this goal you want to achieve, what's the point in making it harder for yourself?

That 1st small, single step has to be the most comforting and confident step that feels so right to you - because YOU are forming the foundations of that journey to YOUR goal.

So, Ill ask you again... what does that 1st small, single step look like to you


If you are struggling to find your first comfortable step, drop me a message and let's get planning