PMS Syndrome
PMS Syndrome

You cannot be anything for anyone, until you are someone for yourself.

How many times do you unintentionally put someone BEFORE you? How fed up are you of that feeling? Who would like to change it?


I have suffered from PMS syndrome (Put Myself Second) for quite some time, whether it was within a relationship, with friends or even family.

More often than not, I come away from those situations feeling that I haven't done enough, feeling inadequate or that I have hindered more than I helped.

I realised the reason I felt so sh*t was because I wasn't putting myself first.

If you keep giving, you're going to start giving away the resource you have for yourself! 𝗕𝗔𝗗!

Here are some handy ways of putting yourself first:

1. SAY NO! 🙅🏻‍♂️- If you don't want to do it, guess what - YOU CAN SAY NO! I DON'T WANT TO! And you know what, that's perfectly fine! That is your right!

2. If you do something for someone else, make sure you do something for yourself too e.g. you're going to cook his favourite meal, you're buying your favourite dessert!

3. Putting boundaries in place is not selfish, it is necessary. You are entitled to say 'I'm good thanks, that's not for me. But you do you!'

4. CONGRATULATE YOURSELF - Babes you made it through the day, the meeting, the evening with the in-laws, the friends, the family. WELL 👏🏼 DONE 👏🏼YOU!👏🏼 I see you! 👀

5. Treat yourself 💅🏼- once a week, a day, a month. Do something that you can indulge in - a spa day, an hour of reading a trashy magazine, whatever! If someone judges you - that's on them hun, you don't have time for that energy!

You are stronger than you think and its time to start putting yourself first! People will respect you more, love you more because YOU love & respect YOU more.
(Also unconsciously you sift through the ones who want your energy for themselves, and the ones who want to share theirs with you!🤭)

🔥 Who's ready to put themselves first? 🔥