Imagine not being able to be your true, authentic self at work.

Imagine not being comfortable to be exactly who you are when you go out with your friends.

Perhaps you don't need to imagine. Perhaps this is you.

A report carried out in 2018 (LGBT Work in Britain, Stonewall) found 35% of LGBT people felt uncomfortable identifying with their sexuality in the workplace.

Ok, this may be a few years ago, and we have covered some good ground since, but add the pressures of covid on top of this, and we still have a huge problem on our hands.

2020 taught us that human interaction is key, and if we are not getting that interaction, it can sometimes have devastating results in other aspects of our lives.

Fear - it's one of the most debilitating feelings out there. To not know how to act, how to feel, how to exist, without the judgement of someone else. The exhausting feeling of not being able to do something, be someone, live your life, without having someone pass comment.

It's not fair. And if you are watching the video or reading this, know that you are not alone.

Through life coaching, you and I work through this fear, you build up your confidence, you learn to live your life how you want to, breaking down those limiting beliefs or thoughts that have been planted there for long.

Because this is what you deserve.

I'm not offering you a quick fix, or a magic spell. What I'm offering is the time, the space, and the interaction needed for you to gain the confidence to be you.

To unapologetically be as awesome, fabulous, daring, authentic, strong and powerful both inside the workplace and out and about in your social life.

Sound like a bit of you? Simply drop me a message and let's get talking.